Making an Impact

Making an Impact

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”- Dave Willis

Social media gets a bad rap.

I get why. In my day-to-day duties,  I deal with complaints, stalker-like behavior, spamming, “tattling”, and people who are just having a bad day. People use social media to depict a part of themselves that they can run away from or run away to. We can create idealized versions of ourselves to make it beautiful(–> see: Instagram). Or we can utilize it to torment, bully, argue and say the meanest things that can possibly be thought up.

We are free to do and say whatever we would like…you know, the first amendment stuff. But it’s like the whole world is walking around with digital plastic surgery pretending to look like someone their not.

However, what gets me through the day-to-day duties is the impact. A bible verse that may be flippantly and routinely posted can speak to someone in a new way. Making connections in a new way to help people expand their network. Seeing and reading about stories that help, save, and heal. That is what this whole social media thing is about for me. Impacting people. Sharing stories. Learning. Growing.

So go out, post, take pictures, tell stories and know that everything has the possibility of making an impact. 

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