When Life Give You Lemons…Make it viral

When Life Give You Lemons…Make it viral

Sorry about the click-bait title. There truly is no code, recipe, step by step path to viral content being put on blast. But what I wanted to share here was a idea of turning something that you’re given into a social media push.

With the most recent hurricanes in the south east, many people have taken to social media to share their terrible ordeals and sharing stories of hope. In the midst of that, an (what I’m assuming to be) off the cuff selfie of local police officers, turned into viral comedic relief. This content was widely shared to view the humorous (and some inappropriate) comments below admiring the attractiveness for these officers.

So what was initially a selfie turned into so much more! Something that is incredibly important, especially when it comes to PD relations and engagement. This selfie took community engagement to a whole other level. It provided relief in the times of hardship. I’m assuming it also improved some of the relationships between the officers and the public (which is a HUGE PR push right now).

Like I said, there is no recipe to making viral content. But the Gainesville PD added their own clever comments to all the attention this was getting and landed a social media WIN!


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