Time Doesn’t Matter

Time Doesn’t Matter

I truly wish social media algorithms weren’t a thing. Can I just start by saying that? (ugh.)

Before Instagram/Facebook decided to radically change their internal algorithm to “provide you with a more customized experience” garbage, there once was a day where content flowed in freely in a time ordinated matter. What time you posted your content mattered. Higher volume of users? GREAT! Post your content then for the highest probability of your audience seeing the content.

BUT, Facebook/Instagram has sadly changed this. Content is circulated within the algorithm to provide custom content that will keep you on the platform longer, that’s how they swing it anyways.

What has this led to?

  • More ads
  • Instagram “pods” (those don’t work by the way)
  • Limiting audience reach
  • The same type of content, over and over and over and over……
  • More money paid to Facebook for follower campaigns

Bitter, party of 1

Bottom line, the time you post doesn’t matter for Facebook and Instagram. Consistency and quality do, but the whole strategy of “2 p.m. on a Friday” can go out the window! Sorry, 2016 strategy…you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

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