My Story

My Story

Hello there, My name is Paige and I am so glad you are here! I grew up in Southern California with my two older sisters, a “baby” brother and a rather large extended family. Sunday Family Dinners were a regular occurrence and I spent many days under those Friday Night Lights as a cheerleader, I guess you could say that’s where I get my pep from (duh.). Once out of high school, I made my way slightly east to the deserts of the Valley. I went to college at Grand Canyon University where I abandoned the pep and traded it for volunteerism and community. Throughout college I was active in academia, community service, and working to absorb as much information that I could possibly take.

Keeping busy is something I am a complete pro at. At times throughout college, I found myself working three jobs at once. I have a background in PR, content writing, social media, small business, website design, photography and editing, graphic design, journalism. I sum it all up into Content Creation to make that word count, count.

In my young adulthood, I secured a thirst for travel….a need to see the world.

My travels have led me to the seas of Italy, the green hills of Ireland, eating churros con chocolat in Spain, and chowing down on fish n’ chips in England. I have seen the romance of Paris, France, tasted the salt of a margarita in Mexico and donuts in Canada (insert smirking emoji here). In all the beauty and fancifulness of these places, I have seen the brokenness of communities and destruction of poverty. In the midst of those, there is joy. There is always joy. In the darkest corners, in the most desperate of situations– there is always joy.

Things I love (but are not limited to):

  • Coffee
  • Reading books, magazines, internet articles
  • Family
  • Friends
  • My faith
  • Cooking
  • Flowers
  • Monsoons
  • And a specific selection of reality TV